Warragul Kitchen Renovation

Warragul Kitchen Renovation

This stunning kitchen is a perfect example of the interior, where the blend of traditional and modern styles works perfectly together.

Our client needed a new kitchen that is functional and provides lots of storage. We were working in an older house with traditional rooms.

The kitchen area had an old fireplace that needed to be implemented in the design, as removing it would be quite costly. As a result, we decided to connect modern and traditional by including a classic fireplace in the design.
We built the drawers’ set inside the fireplace, which added an unusual detail to the place and added more storage options.

We wanted to maximise this small kitchen’s space; that is why the island in the middle of the room got equipped with wheels to make this interior more flexible.

To answer the need for extra storage options, we build a large pantry cabinet in the hallway to accommodate the unused space.

As a result of the Allure Kitchens & Joinery team’s creative thinking and outstanding skills, we managed to build a beautiful kitchen that is functional and answers all homeowner’s needs.