Project Description

Warragul Coffee Shop

Warragul Coffee Shop

Kings Café is a small community coffee shop created by the local Church in Warragul. As a part of our project, we were assigned to build the main counter and customised bench seating area for this lovely business.

To make the most of the given space, we installed a long counter with a stylish timber slat decoration at the front. This element required excellent skills and attention to details. To finish the design, we cut out the letters with the logo and attached them to the counter.

One of the project’s challenges was the layout of the building, as the part of Kings Café needs to be separated from the rest of the building when it is closed. Therefore, we needed to customise our project to fit into the construction of the building.

During the process, we worked closely with our client to create a space that is inviting to Kings Café’s customers and the most functional for the staff.

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