Project Description

Tonibuck Kitchen

Tonibuck Kitchen

We love working in gorgeous, spacious interiors with amazing views. This kitchen is a part of a brand-new home, with a contemporary layout, curves and original shapes.

Our goal was to create the kitchen cabinetry that will match the rest of the home’s style. To answer this requirement, our skilled Allure team built a large, L-shaped kitchen island with curves on one side of it. We divided cabinets and drawers into sections to give a beautiful impression of the curve. This part of the project required top designing skills and our professionals’ best craftsmanship, as we wanted to make sure that all the elements work and fit perfectly.

As a part of this fit-out, our Allure Kitchens & Joinery team created cabinets for a large pantry behind the kitchen and stylish dual vanities in the bathrooms using the same materials and fashion as in the kitchen.

The elegant joinery used in this project fits the space ideally and compliments the interior’s modern elements.

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